Let's face it, tax laws are complicated. Do you want to spend your valuable time trying to figure it all out? Are you sure you haven't overlooked any deductions or credits? Even using a computer software program doesn't guarantee a perfect return. Let Ihde CPA provide you with expert tax preparation services.

What we provide:

  • Your return will be checked by our computer software identifying specific areas that the IRS may look at more closely and reviewing the math to reduce chances of future IRS contacts.
  • You can choose to have your return electronically filed so that you'll receive a refund back sooner.
  • We'll help you make adjustments to your payroll withholding in order to get more money in each paycheck. There's no reason to let the IRS hold your money all year long.
  • We will recommend potential deductions that will reduce your tax liability for the next year.
  • Are you curious to find out if there's anything you're missing? Could there be something you can do today to reduce your tax bill for the current year? Contact us today to take advantage of our tax consulting services.

"I found Jeannie Ihde to be extremely organized and professional. She made things very easy for me and was very thorough and prompt. I'd definetly recommend her business to anyone!"

Victoria Edwards, MS CCC-SLP

Speech Langauge Pathologist

"For 3 years now, Jeannie has been providing her financial services for my personal tax return. After my initial year, she sent me an information packet that was so helpful in organizing my records. She has provided friendly, professional, thorough, and punctual service. I recommend her service for anyone needing tax services"

Anna Low
Director of Creative & Technical Services
OIA Global Design Studio