Our mission is to provide the highest quality and service to our clients at affordable prices. As a small firm we can devote personal attention and professional care to your accounting and taxation needs.

Jeannie, a graduate of University of Puget Sound, is a certified public accountant, receiving her license in 1999 while working at Arthur Andersen here in Portland. While at Arthur Andersen she worked on numerous financial audits and reviews. After working there over three years she took a job with RadiSys Corporation in Hillsboro where she was in charge of all the public SEC filings for the company. When Jeannie started her family in 2003 she started working from home preparing personal tax returns. Two years later she started her own CPA practice and began working on financial reviews and tax returns of homeowner's associations. Over the last five years she's gained valuable experience working on numerous reviews of homeowners associations and has passed two peer reviews in accordance with CPA licensing requirements.

Ryan, a graduate of Oregon State University, received his certified public accountant license in 1999 while working in the Portland office of Arthur Andersen. His four years there allowed him extensive experience working on financial audits and reviews. In the ten years to follow, Ryan held two different financial controller positions. The first was with Atlas Copco Wagner (mining vehicle manufacturer) and the second was with Nike IHM (in-house manufacturing). Then in 2009 he decided it was time to join his wife, Jeannie, in her CPA practice. The result is Ihde CPA.

"I used to dread April 15th every year. Jeannie offers hope for the hopelessly confused taxpayer. I used to prepare my taxes myself and I've receive multiple correction notices from the IRS. Now, I give her a pile of receipts and she returns it to me in a organized tax return. She has found deductions on my taxes that I was completely unaware of. I enjoy asking her for tax advice because she is easy to work with. She explains tax lingo in an every person's language. I was amazed at her rates. For the amount of time it took me to do my own taxes I would much rather pay Jeannie to prepare them for me."

Marcy Schutz RN

"Five years ago I made a very good decision to change my CPA and use Jeannie Ihde. Since then, my tax returns have always been done accurately and completed on time. She is very meticulous and a pleasant person to work with."

Donald Moar